1.4 Assignment. Leadership, Technology, and Big Data

Getting Started

Leadership, Technology, and Big Data

Through the course of this program, you have been introduced to  . One of the core components of adaptive leadership is that it anticipates future needs. As technology, data, and artificial intelligence continue to have a greater and greater influence on our organizations, we are going to need to be able to adapt to this future if we want to be able to lead others. In this assignment, you will read about some of the most important skills needed to lead in the age of technology. Try to identify two to three skills from the resources of the week that stand out to you as compelling. Why are they compelling? What is it about them that resonates with you? Is it that you have seen this skill in others and you want to emulate it? Is it that you have seen a scenario in which a leader did not have this skill and it came back to bite them? Once you identify these skills, make it your mission to hone these skills so that they are readily available in your leadership toolkit.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

· Evaluate the variety of leadership skills needed to make decisions in a data-driven organizational context.


1. Review the information in the Getting Started section. 

2. Read or watch the following resources (timing has been estimated):

a. Read  . (5 minutes)

b. Read  . (20 minutes)

c. Read  . (12 minutes)

d. Read  . (25 minutes)

e. Read  . (30 minutes)

f. Read  . (5 minutes)

g. Read  . (12 minutes)

h. Watch "Decision-making in a future of Big Data and AI." (15 minutes)

3. Record yourself doing a 4-5 minute presentation responding to two of the three questions below the questions below. Please prepare a presentation using PowerPoint, Prezi, or another presentation software. The recording should be you going through the presentation and expanding on the points included. Please do not just read the slides. Provide brief information on the slides that act as jumping-off points for you to explain in more detail.

a. After reading and watching the resources for this week, which skills do you believe are most critical for leadership regarding the ever-growing influence of technology in our organizations?

b. What worries you the most about technology, big-data, and artificial intelligence as it grows in importance in the workplace? What makes you most hopeful?

c. In what ways does your organization currently use data to make decisions? In what ways could your organization do a better job using data for decision making?