2.3 Discussion. Fourth Industrial Revolution

Getting Started

4th Industrial Revolution

This week for our discussion you are going to dive into resources that explain the fourth industrial revolution. You will start with an overview video, followed by three articles that discuss how leaders can best lead in this new world. You will then read an article and watch a video produced by Salesforce, an organization that has succeeded in this fourth industrial revolution. These resources will both help you identify what new challenges leaders are facing and help you identify tools for your leadership toolkit.

1. View the following (timing has been estimated):

a. Watch "What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?" (12 minutes) 

b. Read  . (5 minutes)

c. Read  . (6 minutes) 

d. Read  . (20 minutes)

e. Read   (10 minutes)

f. Watch "Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution — World Economic Forum, Davos 2018 | Salesforce." (46 minutes)

2. In your initial discussion thread, post one compelling question connected to one or more resources for your topic this week and cite those resources in your post.