Part 1

Find an article on the topic of FOMO. Summarize the article and explain the crisis that can be a direct result of FOMO. The essay should be a minimum of one page maximum two pages, double spaced in an APA format. Reference page should provide the article used for this assignment.

Please be reminded that a title page and reference page are required. 

Part 2

For this assignment, download the attached document from the folder and follow the instructions on it. Once completed, upload the document in the drop-box provided for this assignment. Your assignment must be 2 full pages, times new roman, 12 font, double spaced, 1 inch margins.


Life goals fall into several general categories. They represent the areas in life that most people actively work to develop, and where most of our mental and materials assets are spent.

For each of the goals listed below, identify your personal goals and what steps you have taken, are taking, and will take to reach them.


· To be a clinical psychologist

· Being apart of internships to gain work related experience

· Doing as much research as possible to get a better understanding of work inside the field


· Get my Master’s degree

· Received associate’s degree

· Will keep working toward my goal regardless of how long it’ll take me


· Make enough money to live comfortably (no public assistance)

· Staying in school and remain patient

· Saving up in a savings account


· Maintain healthy romantic and platonic relationships

· Communicate whenever necessary


· Keep myself physically fit and maintain overall health

· Attending regular doctor visits

· Eating healthier

· Going to the gym at least 3x a week


· Love myself and put myself first

· Crying when I need to

· Being less apologetic for being myself

· Dressing how I want with no worries

Please note:

· You may write your answers in the space provided above. When completed, upload this document to the drop box for Week 5.

· Be sure to give the document a title (ex. HW # 5).