3.3 Assignment. Reflective Essay – Technology, AI, VUCA, and the Future Nature of Work

Getting Started

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In this assignment, you are encouraged to bring together what you have learned through the first three weeks. In these three weeks, you have learned about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, VUCA, and more. Learning about these things is only helpful if you can turn these learnings into tools that you can use in your workplace (or to be used at a future workplace). One example might be reports analyzing an individual’s production or quality that requires context to understand or does not consider all relevant factors. You have inevitably thought of ways these technological advances might impact the organization you work at as well as the organizations your friends and family members work at. You likely have identified concerns. How can you address those as a leader?

Then, you are challenged to apply that new knowledge to a current situation in which you are a leader. Then, in the second and third sections, you are asked to draw on tools you attained in LDR410: Leading with Wisdom, Vision and Values to integrate them with what you have learned in this class.

Think of yourself as a carpenter. It’s great that you know how to use a saw to cut wood, a router to cut grooves in wood, and a drill to create holes in wood for various reasons. Each of those separately allows you to do a piece of a job but do not allow you to produce a whole product. It is when you use all of those tools together on one project that a new piece of furniture or other project is born.


1. Review the assignments and resources from  ,  ,  , and  .

2. Reflect on the insights you gained from those assignments.

3. Review your resources from LDR 410 – Leading with Wisdom, Vision, and Values.

4. Review resources or concepts from at least one other course in the program that seems to apply to the content of this current course.

5. Write a 2-3 page paper that addresses the following prompts:

a. Describe the most important two things you learned so far in this class. Why are those things important and how will you integrate that learning into your current leadership opportunities?

b. Explain two ideas from the LDR 410 (Leading with Wisdom, Vision, and Values course) that may be useful in helping you lead in the midst of Advanced Technology, Big Data, AI, Fourth Industrial Revolution, or VUCA.

c. Connect at least two key insights from one or more other courses in the program so far. In other words, what principles, practices, or tools have you developed in your work that can apply (be the right tool) for leading in technology-infused and VUCA contexts?

6. Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion to your work.

7. Be sure to format your paper in APA and use correct citations