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 Employment law has been and will continue to be influenced by many events and factors.Itis continually evolving based on lawsuits, case law, lobbying bodies, and the evolution of our culture. How would you, as an HR representative, influence managers who are in higher level positions (VPs and higher) to avoid discriminatory comments and questions? 

  1. Locate at least two additional articles to support a lively debate on the relevancy of Porters five forces model.
  2. Write a 2- to 4-paragraph initial discussion post providing supportive arguments for both sides, using the headings listed below:
    1. Porters Five Forces Model is Still Relevant
    2. Porters Five Forces Model is No Longer Relevant or Sufficient
  3. Run a Grammarly report. Revise, edit, and proofread.
  4. Ensure proper APA Style is used.


  1. Review the Sample Discussion Forum Initial Post & Response Post on page 12 of the .

In a Workshop Two interactive exercise, you were introduced to eleven ways to develop more robust discussion posts and responses. Review them below and plan to incorporate a few of the means in your Workshop 3 initial post and response post to another student.   

  • Extension: Expand the discussion.
  • Relevancy: Relate the topic to a current event.
  • Exploratory: Probe facts and basic knowledge.
  • Challenge: Interrogate assumptions, conclusions, or interpretations.
  • Relational: Make comparisons or contrasts of themes, ideas, or issues.
  • Diagnostic: Probe motives or causes.
  • Action: Identify application or an action in personal or work life.
  • Cause & Effect: Cite causal relationships between ideas, actions, or events.
  • Hypothetical: Pose a change in the facts or issues.
  • Priority: Seek to identify the most important issues.
  • Summary: Elicit synthesis (Teacher Stream, LLC, 2009, p. 5)