350 – 400 WORDS No Plagiarism Due By Today 12 am EST


  1. Open your favorite browser and navigate to the NVD home page ()
  2. From the NVD home page, expand the Vulnerabilities menu and select Search & Statistics ().
  3. Select the option for “CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities” and
  4. Select the Search Type “All Time” option before completing each search (see screen shot below)
    n t Kord Search, enter the name of an operating systems. Pick only one of the following:
    1. Windows
    2. Mac
    3. iOS
    4. Android
    5. Linux
  5. Review the search results, and select three relevant vulnerabilities. Each of these vulnerabilities should have details that you can reference in your assignment.
  6. For the each relevant vulnerability, describe the vulnerability, the operating system affected, the CVE number, and date the NVD was last modified regarding this vulnerability. 
  7. What advisories, solutions or tools are recommended to correct the vulnerability? 
  8. Explain how technology managers can utilize the NVD to enhance security practices. What limitations or challenges did you experience while using the NVD?