Reflection: VBM - Professional Domain

Background Information

Doug Wilson (2017) shares that he now reads with intentionality. The aim of his approach is to practice the skill of learning metaphorically and thereby cultivate [his] imagination (Wilson, p. 70). He goes on to share that his orientation to reading is credited to a spiritual, business, and overall life mentor . . . [who] continually handed [him] short stories, saying READ THIS and followed up with four questions (Wilson, p. 70). Those four Literary Executive questions follow:

  • What did you learn?
  • How did you discover that?
  • Why is that important?
  • So what? (Wilson, p. 70)

While the questions may seem simplistic and easy to answer, a key piece of information not found in Wilsons (2017) articleat least not in any detailis that one of those questions can be quite difficult to address if critical reflection goes beyond the obvious.  

With the spotlight on the VBMs professional domain in the virtuous leader domain, critically reflect on the article reading for this exercise using the four Literary Executive questions:

  1. What did you learn?
  2. How did you discover that?
  3. Why is it important?
  4. So what?