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In this unit, we will explore the role of   and their impact on an organization, the stakeholder model, and the ethical obligations of an organization to those stakeholders. Remember that  ethical obligations are duties that a person owes to a company in terms of his or her decisions and how he or she behaves.

After reviewing the lessons for this week, think about various stakeholders for a high end restaurant. It is marketed as a fine dining experience for everyone. Customers can expect high quality food and service. Management is intentionally visible to customers and employees. The chef hand selects the freshest products. As the owner who has to make decisions for the restaurant, respond to the following:

· Identify the stakeholders for the restaurant. What ethical obligations would restaurant management have to these stakeholders?

· Why should stakeholders be considered during the decision-making process?

· How would you use stakeholder feedback to improve the restaurant?

· Individual Project Rubric

· The Individual Project (IP) Grading Rubric is a scoring tool that represents the performance expectations for the IP. This Individual Project Grading Rubric is divided into components that provide a clear description of what should be included within each component of the IP. It’s the roadmap that can help you in the development of your IP.


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Assignment-Specific: Identify stakeholders involved in the decision.


Assignment-Specific: Explain their ethical obligations to stakeholders and vice versa.


Assignment-Specific: Explain how their decision making would be different if they made the decision again.


Organization: Assignment presents information logically and is clearly relevant to discussion topic.


Professional Language: Assignment contain accurate grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation with few or no errors.


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