4.2 Discussion. Ethical Challenges

Getting Started

Reflect, rethink, revise

In LDR-305, you addressed the concepts of Ethics and Decision-Making. That was eight classes ago. Since that time, you have addressed the concepts of Followership, Organizational Behavior, the Psychology of Leadership, Leading Groups and Teams, Developing Others, Wisdom, Vision, Values, Communication, Innovation, and Change. Ethics touches each and every one of these concepts. In this discussion forum, you will reflect on how you have grown in your understanding of how to ethically address these concepts.

Background Information

It may be helpful for you to go back to LDR-305 and review some of the resources from that class and subsequent classes to refresh your memory. Some of those resources are below:

Ethical Leadership, Part 1Ethical Leadership, Part 2Systematic Moral Analysis

· Video: Ethical Leadership, Part 1: Perilous at the Top | Concepts Unwrapped


1. Note that this week you are responding to predetermined questions and not creating your own.   

2. Develop an initial post of 300-400 words responding to one or more of the following question prompts by the end of Day 4 of the workshop. 

a. As you have progressed through the program, have you considered how ethics apply to the content you are studying?

b. In what ways has your understanding of how to apply ethics grown through the BSOL program?

c. In what ways do you still feel ill-equipped to address ethical issues?