Module 6 Assignment: Case Study Component B CBM and IEP

Review the presentation slides. Chart CBM results and IEP Component of long term goal and three short term objectives to improve academic performance.

For the case you used in the RtI Case Study assignment, complete the IEP sections that describe the Present levels of Performance (strengths and academic functioning) and write one academic goal with 3 objectives for the student.


  • Present Levels of Performance: 1 point
  • Goal is written in SMART Goal Format: 2 points
  • Three Short Term objectives to help the student each goal are provided: 2 points

Here are the headings that you will write to:

  • Present Levels of Performance:
    • Student Strengths
    • Academic Functioning
  • Goals and Objectives:
    • Long Term Goal
    • Three Short Term Objectives

Read the detailed and use the  and  CBM documents to complete your assignment.