Overall Feedback

Update the added attachment with the feedback listed below

It’s clear that you’ve made a solid start in writing content for each section, which is a crucial foundation for your analysis.

However, as we continue to refine your work, I would encourage you to aim for more depth and detail in each section. While you’ve provided a good starting point, expanding on the content will help to enrich your analysis and provide a more comprehensive understanding of the industry.

In addition to enhancing the content, it’s essential to bolster your analysis with more references. As you develop each paragraph, strive to include citations to support your points and lend credibility to your arguments. Ideally, every paragraph should be accompanied by one or more citations to ensure that your analysis is well-supported by relevant sources.

Remember that references not only strengthen your analysis but also demonstrate your engagement with existing literature and research in the field. Aim for a diverse range of sources to provide a well-rounded perspective on the industry and its various aspects.

Overall, you’re making good progress, and with a bit more effort and attention to detail, your industry analysis has the potential to be even more thorough and insightful. Keep up the excellent work!