100 word response 1 reference Due 1/19/2023


Evaluations are conducted to gauge the effectiveness of learning. Evaluation is activated so educators can sort and select not only curricular content and instructional strategies, but also which student experience various curricula and instructional experiences (Ornstein 2017 p.275). There are many different aspect to a student’s daily experience not just core content subject material. The overall culture of the school has a direct effect on student output and achievements. In order to properly understand the full impact and role a student plays evaluations should be conducted in every subject area.

Some student may show growth in specials that are evident in a classroom settings. This information can be utilized to develop interventions that connect the two subject to aid the student in learning. The data gained through specials can aid when decisions are being made to determine ability. Sometimes students can learn skills in specials that can translate to other classes.

As a connections teacher I have collaborated with several content teachers to aid in the improvement of lessons. One of my favorite experience’s was working in conjunction with a math teacher to teach integers. We created a golf course and figure out how to keep score required the utilization of integers. This assignment helped he class improve greatly.