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Question 1: Company One wants an overview of the website activity of its users. Provide insights on CompanyOne’s audience for the third quarter in 2021 (3Q2021). Describe insights regarding the number of users, new users, sessions, number of sessions per user, pageviews, pages/session, average session duration, bounce rate, user demographic data (language, country & city), desktop browsers & operating systems data, and mobile operating systems & screen resolution data during this timeframe. Provide screenshots to support your analysis.

Question 2a: Find the number of active users (1 Day, 7 Day, 14 Day, and 28 Day) during October 2021. Calculate the ratio of 1 Day Active Users to 28 Day Active Users, expressed as a percentage. Typically, this ratio is considered a measure of your website’s “stickiness” or retention of users. It should be 10% or higher for sites where content is refreshed daily, like news sites, or where the site derives its revenue primarily from advertising. The ratio could be a lot higher for social sites like Facebook and WhatsApp (> 50%). For Ecommerce sites like CompanyOne, where usage is less frequent but of higher monetary value, the ratio is typically lower than 10%.

Instructions on capturing screenshots


There are several ways to take a screenshot on a Windows computer (instructions are also available for  MaciPhone, iPad and  Android devices). Here are two options:

Using the Snipping Tool

Step 1: Launch the Windows  Snipping Tool application  (Note: You may need to use the search function in your Windows  Start menu or toolbar to locate the  Snipping Tool application) Step 2: Click the  New button. Step 3: Draw a box on your screen around the area you wish to capture. The contents of the box have been copied to your computer's clipboard.  Step 4: Go to  File >  Save As and save the screenshot to your computer in a location of your choice.    Step 5: If applicable, attach the screenshot when you submit a technical support web case at the  Help Center or when you reply to an email request from a technical support agent.

Using the Print Screen Key

Step 1: Maximize the window you wish to capture and minimize all other windows.

Step 2: Press the  PrtScn (Print Screen) key on your keyboard. The  PrtScn key is usually located in the upper right corner of the keyboard above the  Insert key or the  Number keypad. This will save the image to the Clipboard.

Print Screen button Step 3: Click  Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint. When Paint opens, click the  Home tab and then click  Paste. Paste to MS Paint

Step 4: Click the  Paint dropdown arrow to the left of the  Home tab. Paint Tab Step 5: Select  Save as in the dropdown menu. Then, select  JPEG Picture and save the image to your computer.

Paint JPEG Picture