Activity 19: Forgive Someone

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Forgiving someone who has harmed you can be a difficult process, especially if you have been holding on to your hurt for a long time. Forgiveness is a gift that victims choose to give. Multiple studies have shown there are powerful benefits to forgiveness, such as better health outcomes, more satisfying relationships, and reduced anxiety. Forgiveness is hard to do, but powerfully beneficial.

After reading chapter 10, please post to this discussion board at least two times, with one original post ( required), and one replying to a classmate's post. Note that this is just an activity, not an application assignment, so you do NOT need to label your posts or provide in-depth analysis.

Post Content:

Original Post Option 1: Is there someone in your life that you would like to forgive?Original Post Option 2: Is there someone in your life that you have forgiven?

Consider the following but do not answer every question. Choose ONE (1) of these questions. Note that you need not discuss what you forgave (or need to forgive) for. These questions about the PROCESS of forgiveness, not the things that need to be forgiven.


· What do you think you would (did) personally gain from forgiving them?

· How would (did) it affect your relationship with them if (when) you forgave them?

· What work do (did) you need to do in order to forgive them?

· What external barriers must (did) you overcome to forgive them?

· How difficult will it be (was it) to forgive them? Why?

Reply Post: Respond to your classmates.

Respond supportively to your classmates posts about forgiveness. You may choose to praise them for their efforts, encourage them forward toward a path of forgiveness, and/or ask them questions or provide a perspective they may not have considered.

Please follow usual .

Grading Criteria:

To earn full credit, be sure you

· Post at least two times.

· Post 1 original post and at least 1 reply to a classmate.

· Keep your original post relevant to the discussion questions.

· Answer no more than one question in your original post.

· Keep your reply post supportive and respectful.