Activity Poster

Family members love to ask questions, right? How often have you heard: 

· Where are you going? 

· When are you going? 

· What are you doing? 

In the following activity, you are going to make your family proud by creating a poster for them, telling them  where and  when you are going today! You are so thoughtful! 

You must include at least 4 places and at what time you are going to those places. You are answering the following questions: ¿Adónde vas? y ¿A qué hora? 

Notice each sentence should have 3 parts: 

· A form of ‘ir” (Yo voy)

· The place (example: la ciudad)

· The time (example: a las seis menos cuarto – 5:45)

You must design and create a poster with 4 written sentences in Spanish. 

You can use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Powerpoint, or Google Slides to design your poster. Or, you can create a cartoon drawing to illustrate your activities along with your 4 written sentences. You can take a picture of your drawing to upload to Dropbox.

Example in English: I am going to the city at eight o’clock. I am going to the gas station at nine thirty. I am going to the cafe at ten o’clock. I am going to the library at one fifteen.