ACTUAL ASSIGNMENT:

According to, an editorial is:

Editorial: NOUN: an article in a newspaper or other periodical or on a website presenting the opinion of the publisher, writer, or editor

Several other sources refer to it as an “opinionated news story”.

Your assignment it to pick a relevant, timely, controversial issue and really craft an editorial to get people to hear your perspective and (hopefully) side with you. This is NOT a research essay although you need at least 3 source of support. Remember, the key is how you craft and back up your argument.

Grading & Submission

A rubric is available on Canvas. The key categories for grading are:

· A clear thesis supported by logical and convincing evidence

· Strong organization

· Proper MLA formatting (including intext citations and at least 3 “Works Cited”)

· Excellent grammar and language mechanics

Length: 400+ words


Notice how editorials are NOT just opinion.  The author includes a wealth of facts and data as well as historical connections to really craft the argument.  Also, the author does not say “I”.  By keeping “I” out of it, it makes the editorial seem more like fact as opposed to just one person’s opinion.