Blog #1 Marketing to Multicultural Consumers

Topic: Listen to Nielsen Podcast ( “Meeting Today’s Multicultural Consumers” from the

podcast The Database,) assigned on Week 1 carefully. Find a product category where growth

is being driven by multicultural consumers, trends driven by multicultural consumers or

examples of marketing strategies adjustments to make them culturally relevant to specific

audience segments.


On the outlined modules/weeks, an individual blog post is due about the topic of the week.

Keep in mind that your discussion blogs will likely be seen by other members of the course.

Care should be taken when determining what to post. Take much care in researching and

posting thoughtful post, in order to maximize potential points.

Blog Expectations:

1. You are expected to post a blog giving your thoughts on the blog topic of the week

2. There will be a total of four (4) blogs as scheduled

3. The approximate length of your individual blog is 250 words minimum.

Your blog posts will be graded as follows:

• Thoughtfulness and research on the assigned topic. Make sure you are researching the

topic and writing eloquently otherwise full potential points will not be given.

• Relevance of individual blog post to assigned topic.

• Proper citation, original thinking and good writing.

• If you quote a source, make sure you include proper citation. Otherwise, it will be

considered plagiarism and blog will be awarded 0 points.

• Clear and eloquent articulation of concepts regarding assigned topic using the following



O Topic being discussed and clear articulation of main issue: 10 points

O Your POV clearly articulated: 5 points

O Blog post style, grammar, and composition: 2 points

O Proper secondary research and references: 3 points

O Total point for individual blog: 20 points each