9.26.F – Discussion #2

We have learned about various parent functions and how to transform them using translations, reflections, compressions, and stretches. In this discussion, you will practice identifying types of functions and the transformations applied to them.

Here is what you will do.

The first person to reply to this discussion will use my function at the bottom of the instructions for Steps 1-3. Each person after that will use the previous student’s function from Step 4. Each person must do all of the following:

  1. Identify the parent function that the function came from. (Make sure you clearly indicate whose function you are referring to.)
  2. Explain each transformation of the function based on the changes in the equation.
  3. Graph the parent function and the transformed function.
  4. Please post your own transformed function (from any of the function families we have learned about) for the next student to use.
  5. Check the solution that the next student posts in response to your function.

Each person uses the previous student’s Step 4 function and identifies, explains, and graphs that function for their own Steps 1-3. For example, I have posted the first function below. Then let’s say Allie is the first to respond. She follows steps 1-3 using the function I have posted, and then she writes her own transformed function in Step 4 for the next student to use. Then Blake follows steps 1-3 using Allie’s function and posts his own transformed function for Step 4. Allie checks Blake’s answer for her function and lets him know if he is correct or not. Then Cal follows steps 1-3 using Blake’s function and posts his own transformed function for Step 4. Blake checks Cal’s answer, and the process continues with each student after that.

If you are not sure about the instructions, please ask.

Post by classmate


Function for the next student to use: h (x) = ( x – 1)^2 + 4