allen analysis

feedback-  For analysis section describe how you will use descriptive statistics  along with measures of central tendency for results. Lastly, project how  you might use a correlational approach and a T-Test to investigate your  data retrieved from measures/assessment.  

Based on Feedback from your methodology section you will be provided 1-2 statistical techniques to propose to complete your proposal. For each technique craft a 200-300 word summary about the the particular method. Describe how it is calculated, what the calculations can convey (information wise), cite example of where/how it can be used and its utility. 

The second section should be reflective of your write up that will become part of your proposal. Provided the context of your summary from above, draft a data analysis section that integrates your research variables within the statistical techniques from your summary. Project what data will be available and how it will be utilized and calculated.

Examples are attached, yours will be different based on the suggested measure(s)

I also I attached the assignment for your reference only