American HIstory

There are 2 sections

Section 1 :-  I want 4 identification short answer In 100-150 each, accomplish the following: (1) identify the term, (2) define how it relates to the period, and (3) explain the significance of the term in learning the broader scope of American history.

  1. The Affluent Society
  2. Emmett Till
  3. The Civil Rights Act of 1965
  4. The Great Society
  5. The Feminine Mystique
  6. Phyllis Schlafly
  7. Ronald Reagan

Section 2 :- Historical arguments. You will need to use a variety of sources. Use as much evidence and be as specific as you can for a 600-700 responding to the prompt below. You must provide at least 2 citations. Template for citing your sources: (name of textbook chapter); (name of primary source); (name of historian video).

  • The past is never dead, William Faulkner wrote. Its not even past. answer the following prompt: How has American history since the Cold War shaped the United States in the 21st century? To answer this prompt, discuss how the following aspects changed in America between 1945 and 2000 and how the impact America today: (1) politics, (2) culture, (3) social inequities, and (4) technology.