Analyzing and Reflecting on Completed DBA Capstone Projects in Business Administration



In this assignment, you will explore completed DBA capstone projects  from the SOBTH Doctoral Networking and Support resources. After  selecting and reading a full capstone project, you will provide a 12  page reflection, addressing key aspects such as the project’s topic and  problem statement, its relevance to the field of business  administration, key findings and their impact on business sectors,  integration of theoretical concepts with practical applications, and  practical implementation of conclusions and recommendations within a  specific business context.


Go to the

.  Find examples of completed DBA capstone projects. Select and read a  completed capstone project. Write a 12 page reflection discussing the  following, using headings to organize your submission:

  1. What is the topic and specific problem statement of the capstone  project you selected? How does it relate to the field of business  administration?
  2. What are the key findings of the research, and how do they impact  the current understanding or practices within the relevant business  sectors?
  3. How does the capstone project integrate theoretical concepts with  practical applications? Provide examples from the project to illustrate  this integration.
  4. Discuss how the capstone project’s conclusions and recommendations  can be implemented in a specific business context. Choose a context (for  example, an industry, a type of organization, or a business function)  and elaborate.

This reflection should encompass critical elements, including the  project’s topic and problem statement, its significance within the realm  of business administration, the pivotal discoveries made and their  repercussions on the business sectors concerned, the adept amalgamation  of theoretical constructs with real-world applications, and lastly, the  pragmatic applicability of the project’s conclusions and recommendations  within a specific business context.

Note: Since the template has changed over time, the  completed project may not match the most recent capstone project  template. However, you should see that most sections within the project  have similar headings and content requirements.

Additional Requirements

As you complete your assignment, be sure it meets the following guidelines:

  • Written communication: Use error-free, doctoral-level writing with original (non-plagiarized) content, logical phrasing, and accurate word choices.
  • APA formatting: All resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines. 
  • Length: 12 typed, double-spaced pages.
  • Font and font size: Consistent, APA-compliant font, 12 point.
  • For this assignment, you are required to follow the Standard Naming  Convention requirements for any files you upload. You will find the  requirements on the