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Assignment:Week 4 Outline

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I. Introduction

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II. Body

A. Negative impact on soci

1.What are the negative impacts?

a.70% teenagers are now using social media more than 7 hours

b.13 to 17 teens who have a smartphone more than doubled their over a 6 year period which 89% more that 6 years ago. (Smith, et al., 2022)

2.Cyberbully (Smith, et al., 2022)

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B. Effects of constant social media use


2.Jones in a 2021 article on Social Media explains that social media is harmful to teenagers because they are over using the platform.



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III. Conclusion

A. [Summary of main points]

B. Restate thesis in another

C. [Memorable close] So do you think social media harming our teenagers?

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