Answer the following questions

Answer the following questions:

Explain the following research concepts with examples:

  1. Validity
  2. Reliability
  3. Cross tabulation
  4. Chi Square
  5. Pearsom moment correlation
  1. What does critical thinking mean to you? Is it the same as or different from skepticism? Are they both important in deciding whether to apply research results to policy or program decisions? Why or Why not?
  1. Your friend is considering going back to graduate school to become a lawyer. He/she has asked you for assistance in figuring out the cost. What specific data would you recommend he/she consider? Provide a detailed explanation of why your choice of information is relevant and would be useful in his/her decision-making.
  1. There are ten farmers market in the City that operate from May through November and three that operate all year long. The City provides space and advertising for all of the markets. The city wants to evaluate this program and wants to know the extent to which it benefits the farmers and whether the customers are satisfied with the quality and availability of agricultural products. What king of Sampling plan would you suggest for the farmers and for the customers and why?
  1. What is Methodology in Research and why is it important. Compare and contrast quantitative and qualitative research methodolies.