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The four purposes of punishment:-Deterrence, incapacitation,retribution,and rehabilitation
Prioritize these four purposes of punishment.
In your personal opinion, which of the four purposes do you think is the most important? The least? Rank them.
Explain where capital punishment fits into your prioritization.
How does capital punishment fit into each purpose? For example, how does capital punishment fit into the purpose Explain.
Explain your opinion on capital punishment using the four purposes as a foundation.
How does each purpose you have prioritized align to your personal opinion on capital punishment?
Do the purposes align perfectly, or are there misalignment? For example, if you indicated incapacitation as your higl does capital punishment align to this purpose?
In either case (alignment or misalignment), why do you think this is?

Prioritize the four purposes of punishment
Explain where capital punishment fits into this prioritization.
Explain your personal opinion of capital punishment and its alignment to your prioritization of purpose