Application Analysis 7: Recommendations

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We have been analyzing several conflicts over the course of this semester. This last application analysis requires that you choose one of those conflicts and provide recommendations for the parties involved. You only need to make one post, but it should be thorough (about 2 paragraphs).

FIRST, identify one of those conflicts and provide a brief (2 sentence MAX) description of it. Alternatively, you may choose to reply to a classmate who has already described the conflict.

SECOND, provide TWO recommendations for the parties in that conflict. You may choose to give two recommendations to a single party, or one recommendation each to two parties. In either case, clarify who the recommendations are for. If you are replying to a classmate, be sure you are providing different recommendations.

Each recommendation should be connected to a course concept. You may be recommending one of the skills discussed in module 6, or you may be making a recommendation based on previous concepts (e.g. emotions, goals, etc.). Whatever the case, be sure to use course terminology and bold those terms as you use them. Every recommendation must include at least one bold term.

FINALLY, be sure to support your recommendations with reason(s) why you believe this recommendation will work, and the outcome(s) it will have.

Because each of these posts should be relatively detailed, this application analysis only requires a single post. However, do not repeat your classmates' recommendations.


To earn full points, double check that:

1. You identified a conflict, or replied to someone who did already.

2. You made two (2) recommendations and labeled each with the party it's for.

3. Each recommendation centers on a course concept which you have bolded.

4. Each recommendation includes reasons and predicted outcomes.

5. You did not repeat anyone else's recommendations.