Imagine that you are planning to open a dating service in Virginia. Your preliminary research indicates that such a service would expect to gross $3 for every divorced person, $2 for every single (never married) person, and $1 for every widowed person in a typical county.
    1. Calculate the projected Gross Income for each county in Virginia, and create a graduated color map showing the projected income for each county.
    2. What is the Total Projected Gross income for the entire State?
    3. You would like to put your office within the large cluster of high-income counties. Where? Create a symbol for an office and place it on a map.
  • Create a Map Layout with the projected income for each county and a new office location, export it in .pdf or .jpeg, submit to Moodle as a Mid-term ASSIGNMENT  1.


  • You would like to build a cabin somewhere in Sturgis area. Develop a Project showing potential land on which to build based on the following criteria:
                 Must be on Private Land (vegetation; Owner = PVT)
  • Must have a slope less than 20 degrees
  • Must have a Southern aspect (90 to 270 degrees)
  • Must be within 500 meters of an existing road
  • Must be more than 100 meters from a stream
  • The land use category in landcover must contain the term Forest
  • Create a Map 2 Layout showing your potential sites with the roads shown in light gray, export it in  .pdf  or .jpeg format and submit to Moodle as a Mid-term ASSIGNMENT 2
    What is the total area in of potential land that you found?