Area Of Interest

Site: Albany State University

Topic: Poor engagement is affecting learning outcomes

Identify an area of interest in your organization or profession that could be an area of opportunity for improvement. For this question you will describe this area of interest to include what within the organization needs improvement, and the background and context for this area of opportunity for improvement. Develop the answer using the template instructions attached and complete answer using template.


Complete the following:

  1. Describe an area of research interest. 
    • Explain why you chose this area to study.
    • Later, you will develop an annotated bibliography as part of the final project.
    • Although you will not begin planning your AIP, try to identify an issue that could eventually serve as the basis for your AIP or be part of the library research you will eventually need to conduct for your project.
  2. Describe how you might apply the skill set learned from conducting a gap analysis to the design of an AIP. 
    • What role does the process of conducting a gap analysis play in the development of an AIP?
    • Do you think it is possible to develop a problem of practice without first conducting a gap analysis?
    • Explain and defend your answers by referencing this weeks readings.