Argument Analysis Notes:Select a published article that is modern (within 3 years). Make sure it is about 2 pages or longer.

Craft a summary (150 words max). Do not have your personal opinions there.


-Support – provide detailed examples of this. Direct quotes and/or paraphrase


-Relevant factors/Anything missing/opposition used? This is the one area to have academic-based opinions. Do NOT conduct outside research to answer this.

Target Audience – who did the author(s) write this for?

-Tone (have at least 2) what are they? How did they impact the work of the author?

Persona/ethos – this works in 2 ways – for the author and the source material collected.


1. Turn in the article when submitting this for a draft or the final copy

2. Do NOT do ANY outside research. You may ONLY use this one article. If the author(s) did not mention something – that is on them/not you. *You may use a hyperlink (if provided in the article).

3. Do NOT craft a Works Cited (MLA) or References (APA) page. You will do this in the future.