Article Analysis Assignment

Content Requirements

Before you read the article corresponding to your topic, read Jordan and Zanna's (1999) paper,  How to Read a Journal Article in Social Psychology, which is available at this link:  .

Carefully read the article corresponding to your topic. (Articles can be found in the locker corresponding to your group.) Identify the  purposehypotheseskey variables (independent, dependent, or correlational) and how they are operationalizedtype of research design (e.g., experimental, correlational, quasi-experimental), procedure (including cover story)and key results. You can use the   to summarize these details if you wish, but this form does not need to be submitted. If your article is a multi-study paper, read the whole article, and summarize the first study and then briefly (in 1-2 sentences) mention how the subsequent studies differed from the first study.

Then describe implications of the results (in plain language) and a possible follow-up study. Explain why your follow-up study is important and what it would tell us about this line of research. Aim to propose something original rather than something described in the Discussion section of the article. Finish the paper with an APA style reference for the article. The paper should be written in paragraph format, in accordance with APA style. As writing quality is especially essential in such a short piece, plan to write multiple drafts.

Online Group Discussion

You are required to discuss your article with your group using the online discussion board designated for your group on D2L. You should be comparing notes on the above (boldfaced) details of the article that you have read. Your group may not agree on all the details (e.g., main independent variable, type of design), but that is okay. On the other hand, if your group reaches a consensus, then the individual summaries by each group member will have the same information EXCEPT for one part.  Each person in the group should have a unique idea for the follow-up studyYou are not required to discuss your idea for the follow-up study with the rest of your groupYour online group discussion mark will be based on the degree of your participation in your group's discussion board.

Individual Submission

Format & Length:   Maximum two double-spaced pages with one-inch margins (including reference on the last page). Do not include a title page. Your name and the title should appear at the top of the first page.

Font: 12-point

Topic Available

Anti Immigration Attitudes

Body Odour & Disgust Sensitivity

Climate Change Denial


Compliments at Work

Conspicuous Consumption


Deception Detection

Extended Intergroup Contact

Foreign Songs & Prejudice Reduction



Gender & Leadership

Gender Bias in Academia


Gender Bias in Investments


Global Identity


Guilt by Association

Men in Childcare

Mortality Salience & Covid


Self Affirmation

Stigmatization of Homelessness

Willingness to Apologize

Article Analysis Assignment Marking Scheme 

Your article analysis will be marked according to the following criteria:



1. Purpose and Hypotheses  – 3 marks

2. Key Variables and how they are Operationalized – 3 marks

3. Type of Research Design – 2 marks

4. Procedure – 2 marks

5. Summary of Key Results & Implications – 3 marks

6. Possible Follow-up Study – 4 marks

7. APA Style for Reference at end of paper – 2 marks

8. Organisation, Clarity of Writing, Style – 1 mark

Total = 20 marks