Assignment Description

Due by 1/24/23 by 11 am

· Times New Roman, 12pt, double space 1-inch margins, APA format. There must be a separate page with reference/s, 2.5 pages for each answer total of written work which includes an opening and closing paragraph. Please insert in-text citations appropriately. A minimum of 3 references including all course and outside sources, within 5 years of 2023. American literature in early childhood education. You must include references and, if possible, images

The assignment is to write an essay in which you answer this question:

Question 1: How are Mannerism and Venetian Art different from High Renaissance art?

Answer this question by analyzing, comparing, and contrasting one work of art or architecture from each style. Do not neglect the background from each movement. You may reference other works of art (or architecture) and artists in developing your answer. This topic requires you to think and not simply repeat what you have seen and read. As such, your paper should be scholarly in nature. Do not write a "report." A report just tells the facts. To answer this topic, you must read, look, think, analyze and synthesize. 

You are required to use and cite your sources in your essay. You can simply use the presentations and our text,, in developing your answer, but you should also bring in at least one outside scholarly source. (No travel or hobbyist websites or blogs, please.)  Use footnotes or parenthetical notation

Question 2: How are Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael similar and different?  

Answer by analyzing one work from each artist. Remember to compare and contrast these works. Also, make sure to supply the relevant background for each, and that may include referencing other works of art or artists—along with relevant biographical information.

Do not use outside sources. Use the module presentations, readings from, and the primary sources for your answer.

To that end, make sure you use citation systems like footnotes, or the easiest way to cite is to use parenthetical notation. All you have to do is write the author's name, book, and page number. For example, (Huerta, Book 45).

Most importantly, remember to start writing in an essay format: that is, start each one of your paragraphs with a topic sentence, and make sure to have transition sentences between paragraphs.