Assignment 3: Crazy Like Us, Chapter 2



The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on the new information presented in this book.  It is meant to increase your awareness and critical thinking about the experience and treatment of common psychological disorders in the US and around the world.

Reading to Critically Evaluate 

Please read Chapter 2 in the book Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche by Ethan Watters.

You are encouraged to ask questions of the reading as you read, make notes of areas of confusion, surprise or disagreement and include that in your assignment.


  1. Write two paragraphs (minimum of 200 words) in which you identify Watter’s main thesis of the chapter and discuss your overall thoughts and reactions to the main thesis.
  2. Write a one-paragraph response  (minimum of 100 words) to ONE of the following questions listed below.
  3. Include two quotes from the chapter that stood out to you.  Include the page number or time stamp where your quotes can be found.

Questions (choose only one)

  1. Do you believe America has become a culture that is suspicious of resilience and emotional reserve?  Why or why not? (p123)
  2. It takes a willful blindness to believe that other cultures lack a meaningful framework for understanding the human response to trauma. We pathologize their reactions.  We say: You dont know how to live in this situation. We take their cultural narratives away from them and impose ours.  Its a terrible example of dehumanizing people. (p107)  If this statement is true, how do you think this can be avoided when we provide humanitarian aid to people in other countries? 


Full points for the assignment will be earned when all 3 portions of the assignment are met.  Two-paragraph  (minimum of 200 words) general reaction (6pts), one-paragraph  (minimum of 100 words) response to question (2pts), two quotes with page numbers/time stamps (2pts). Check out the rubric!