Application Exercise- LOINC

LOINC is a unique terminology in many ways. Not only was development and evolution carefully planned, but documentation is very comprehensive. I've added the LOINC User's Guide to your reference material for this week.

Complete the following 3 activities and submit a word or pdf file that addresses the following:

1. Explore the listing of organizations that have adopted LONIC ( ).

. What kind of institutions are currently using LONIC? How are they using it?

2. Explore the web pages concerning RELMA ( ). a tool that is designed to work with the LOINC terminology.

. What type of computer system is required to use RELMA?

. How could RELMA be used by a hospital system?

3. Explore the web-based LONIC Search Application ( ) create free account use.

. Search serum albumin. What is the fully specified name and LOINC code with the highest rank? What is the type of method?

· Search discharge summary. What is the LOINC code? What is the type of scale. 

If you've had lab tests ordered in the past, look them up to see how LOINC would code the sample (don't include this in your write-up, just FYI as you explore the app!)