Purpose:  Understand how screens in an EHR relate to data management and standardization.   Standardizing things like font and button or toolbar placement creates consistency when users are interacting with screens and navigating through the EHR

Task:  Create a document that defines some screen standards to ensure that all screens in the EHR have the same look and feel.  When screens are standardized and consistent, it improves user experience and efficiency. 

Criteria for Success:  10 Points Possible

· 5 points for defining at least 5 standards for EHR screens

· 5 points for defining how those standardizations will improve the user experience and efficiency

Note:  This example contains a screenshot of a screen from an actual EHR and details about how the screen is formatted.  Your task is to use this as an example to define rules that will create a standard look and feel for all screens in the EHR.