Self-Assessment in Conflict

Take the free version of the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Questionaire and identify your style of conflict. Describe how that has helped you in the past and how that has worked against you. How could you use this information in the workplace in the future?

Purpose of this assignment: Understanding your own style of conflict allows you to identify the strengths and shortcomings of your specific styles and how this style differs from other people. This assignment allows the student to apply what they have learned about conflict and make intentional choices in the future when interacting with a team or group. Many projects and operational activities in healthcare involve teams and groups and applying this knowledge is beneficial as the role of informaticist. 

Criteria for success: The following components need to be included in the analysis: Your own style of conflict, an experience or example or general description of how it has helped, and a contrast of how it hindered. It also needs to include an application of this knowledge of style to working with teams or groups in the future. If external quotes or sources are uses, they must include APA citation – note that is not a requirement, it's more important that you relate to your own experience. Multiple spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes will reduce the score.