Assignment for Health Care Staff

The assignment instructions are below. The Assignment bid is $15 and the due date is 28 Jan. The Assignment is to support my desire to become a hospital administrator.

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you the opportunity to begin archiving your professional experience in the form of a resume. You will likely have to present a resume with your application for your future job. In this unit, you will begin thinking about what resume format best fits your skills and accomplishments.

This assignment will contain three parts, which will include a resume, cover letter, and reflection summary. These parts will be combined and submitted in the same document.

Part 1

For the first part of this assignment, you will review the resume formats located in Chapter 11 of your textbook. There are three different types of resume formats (chronological, functional, and combination). Assemble your information into one of these formal resume formats. Your resume should be about one to two pages in length.

Part 2

Write a cover letter that best depicts your skills, details your achievements, and highlights your qualifications from the resume. Your cover letter should be less than one page in length.

Part 3

Write a reflection summary that describes the steps that you would take to prepare for an interview for your chosen job. Your summary should be a minimum of 200 words.

Combine all three parts of this assignment (resume, cover letter, and reflection summary) within the same document for submission.

APA Style will not be required for this assignment.