1. What is the range of conclusions for a toolmark examination?  Make sure that you define each of the types of conclusions and give a sample statement of that conclusion. 

2. What aspects of a toolmark examination does an examiner have to take into account when trying to make a test mark to compare to evidence which are not present in firearms examination?

3. Besides the different aspects of making a test mark, what other difficulties could an examiner come across when examining the evidence to test marks?

4. Describe what casting is and why casting would be useful for toolmark impression analysis. 

5. Name two toolmark examinations that an examiner would not be able to analyze. 

6. Name six different ways a serial number can be obliterated.  Name three different types of serial number restoration.  Explain the process of restoring a serial number.  Explain why serial number restoration is possible.

7. Define class, subclass and individual characteristics for toolmark examination.  Name three different class characteristics for toolmark examination. 

8. Define Consecutive Matching stria and how it is used in toolmark examination.