Assignment 4

Read pgs. 63-83 and answer the following:

I. Define the following terms from your reading

1. sculpture

2. low or bas relief

3. high or haut relief

4. built sculpture

5. positive

6.  cire-perdue

7. relative mass

8. negative space

9. proportion

10. repetition

11. biomorphic lines

12. articulation

13. ephemeral art

14. Gothic

II. Answer the following questions using 1-2 complete sentences. Use the book in your responses.

1. Define each of the 3 genres of sculpture.

2. Define each of the 4 sculptural methods of construction.

3.What are the focal areas of sculpture? How are they different from painting focal areas?

4. How can sculpture like the Jamb Statues on the Chartres Cathedral and “The Peace Statue” be dynamic?

5. How can lighting and environment influence the aesthetic perception of a work?

III. Answer the following questions using 5-7 complete sentences. Use your opinion based on facts from the book.

1.Use the following subjects to describe the similarities and differences between sculpture and painting: personal viewing vs. public viewing, mass, line to form vs. form to line, interactivity, and lighting.

2.How does the Vietnam Wall Memorial manage to be dynamic, symbolic, emotional, and historic when it is essentially just a wall with names on it?

3. Look at the critical analysis on pg. 83 of Michelangelo’s “David. “Go to the pictures folder and apply the same critical analysis techniques to the Baroque artist Bernini’s work “David.” Compare and contrast Michelangelo’s “David” to Bernini’s “David.” If the pictures aren't there, use google images.