Interpersonal Attraction

1. Physical Attributes

2. Confidence

3. Affect

4. Proximity

5. Similarity

6. Reciprocity

What Causes Attraction: Confidence

Super confident:

is it Attractive?

▪ Blunder Effect or

Pratfall Effect

What Causes Attraction?

3. Emotional State (Affect)

The Associated Effect – Misattribution

Aroused by something unrelated to a person

we are with feel attraction to that person

Misattributions of Physiological Arousal for Attraction

What Causes Attraction

Misattributions of physiological arousal

Hot Drink may Influence how Likable You are

Negotiations: people who sit on hard chairs (vs soft) are harder negotiators

A study by Lawrence Williams of the University of Colorado and John A. Bargh of Yale University

Experiencing Physical Warmth Promotes Interpersonal Warmth

What Causes Attraction

4. Proximity

physical closeness between two

individuals with respect to where

they live, where they sit in a

classroom, where they work,

and so on

The Propinquity Effect:

increased likelihood that two people will

come into repeated contact, feel

positive affect, and develop mutual


The Propinquity Effect

Location Exposure Familiarity Attraction

Propinquity effect is stronger

when people are not aware of

the exposure

The effect does not happen

when people’s initial reaction is

very negative. In this case,

familiarity can result in more


What Causes Attraction – Do Opposites Attract?

5. Similarity

Similarity-dissimilarity effect:

 respond positively to people who are similar

to us & negatively to people who are


What do we think about people who are

SIMILAR to us?

 more intelligent,

 more informed,

 more moral, and

 better adjusted than people who are


Similarity: Liking those who are like us

Demographic similarity: ▪ age, race, education, religion, SES

▪ Attitudes ▪ Values ▪ Personalities

▪ Attractiveness

▪ Intelligence

The strongest correlation is for similarity in education

6. ReciprocityLiking those who like us

We are more likely to approach those who offer acceptance

Men’s dopamine receptiors are activated:▪ If an attractive woman

makes an eye contact ▪ The same findings for

gay men