Biology of Humans?

Answer these questions in 12 paragraphs each. Do your own work and cite your sources.
Save your work. Then upload your file through the Writing Assignment 1 link in the Unit I
module on Canvas. You will need to look beyond the textbook and lectures to answer
these, and they require thought, analysis, and application of what youve learned.
1) A popular brand of protein powder states on its label,
RAW Matters
Heat  and  processing  can  denature  protein,  reducing  its  availability  to  your  body.  Our
USDA Certified Organic plant proteins are produced at low temperatures, preserving their
complete amino acid integrity.
Although this powder is probably a good source of protein, and while its true that heat
and processing can denature proteins, the rest of this statement is nonsense in several
Use what you know about protein structure to explain at least one of the ways this
statement is inaccurate or misleading.
2) An ad for a new facial moisturizer claims that it, repairs the tiny cracks in your cell
Given what you know about the structure of membranes, is this statement credible?
What would happen if your cell membranes had cracks in them?