Blockchain technology in the context of information security

1. The objective of this assignment is to challenge you to effectively communicate the stateof scholarly literature and research for a specific cybersecurity topic orally and in writing.The topic in question is:Blockchain technology in the context of information security

a. Write a summary (between 1,500-2,500 words that describes the technology andhow it can be used, its implications, and issues related to either informationsecurity.

b. Develop a five-minute presentation explaining the technology and the issues. Ifthis is an ONLINE section, you must record a video and post it using a private URLto an accessible platform (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).WARNING: It is important to remember that your summary and presentation should beaccessible by both technical (e.g., your classmates, and professors) and non-technical audiences(e.g. your parent or friend without a cybersecurity background).


1. Use headers, as needed, to differentiate the different sections of your submission andreference any sources using the IEEE referencing style.

2. Single-spaced, 1-inch margin all around, 12-pt of a commonly used black (no colors) font(Times, Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial). No cover pages. Add page numbers.

3. Use a meaningful filename, include the course number, your last and first name, themodule number, assignment name and private video URL of your video (if course isonline).

4. Top center: Assignment. Then, full name, email, semester, and year (e.g., Fall 1998).

5. Your submission should have answers to the questions in order, and you should Indicatethe question you are answering (e.g. Question 3). If you skip a question, you still need toindicate the question and leave it blank. You do not need to include the questions inyour answers.

6. Your answers must be in full sentences and/or paragraphs. No bullets, no lists, noscattered words.