Bmal 700 Week 8


Merida has provided deep insight into 1 and 2 Kings. This insight is more than just stories about
historical events. The depth comes from the people involved. The text covered a full range of
personalities from murderous villains to others who were completely sold out for God. People in
leadership today have to deal with a full range of personalities as well (hoping the true villains
are a distinct minority!).
You are to write a 1,700 word document, double-spaced, APA-formatted paper. In your paper,
you will evaluate three (3) current leadership styles in light of what you have read in Merida.
Where did you find examples of each of those styles in the text? Where were they effective in
the biblical setting? What different leadership style might have been more effective (biblical
character attempted style A what you are writing about but would have made more progress
with style B)? In what settings or situations might the style you are evaluating work well today?
Support your research with eight (8) scholarly sources. Limit your literature search to the last
five (5) years and select only sources that are full text PDF.
As part of this project, prepare an annotated bibliography. The bibliography will be structured as
follows: APA formatted reference (minimum 250 words per reference) followed by summary of
key points, evaluation of the quality of the publication, evaluation of the quality of the author(s),
where this fits into the assignment, and the library database in which you found the article. A
traditional APA reference page and the annotated bibliography will be turned in with the
associated paper.