Academic Session 2023 First Semester

January 2023

Assignment 2

BMG319/03 Organisational Management

Instructions: 1. Assignment 2 contains TWO (2) questions and you are required to answer ALL


2. Assignment 2 carries 35% of your final total marks.

3. The assignment should be typed using Arial, font size 12 and double spaced,

approximately 2000-3000 words and in essay format.

4. The deadline for the submission of Assignment 2 is 4th March 2023, 11:59pm. A

softcopy should be submitted via OAS.



Zalora has 31% of the marketplace share of NVM. It has an active customer base of

16.3 million users. It is one of Asia’s leading fashion destinations. Thus, this makes us

keen to know the business model of Zalora. Zalora is an online retailer that sells

luxurious high-end clothing from both local and global brands. It was founded in 2012 by

Rocket Internet (Neubodi, Kitschen, Adidas, Casio, &, etc).

Despite its main focus is on selling all things that are luxurious fashion; ranging from

accessories, bags, clothes, and even grooming supplies and footwear, Zalora now

accepts third-party retailers to sell their products on a platform.

The headquarters of Zalora is located in Singapore. They have many localized sites in

places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, etc.

Zalora provides products for both male and female customers on its platform. The age

of customers is between 16- 44 years old, is the target audience of Zalora because of

their interest in new fashion products and the changing need of items. Fashion

enthusiasts are the main target audience for Zalora as these customers are going to

buy their products more often them the other customers. So, Zalora has a deeper

interest in this type of target audience.


Question 1 You were an owner of Zalora shop, describe some of the ways you can use social media to promote your products.

(50 marks) Question 2

Determine 5 competitive dimension of Air Asia to target market demand compare to other airlines.

(50 marks) CLO 2: Perform industry analysis using the necessary analytical tools CLO3: Propose ideas for new product or services and managing the creative process in

an organisational context.

End of Assignment 2 Questions