Write 5-page book report (single spaced) on book "Into the Abyss". Example- Section 1: Give a brief summary of the entire story. Preparation, flight planning, company culture, peer pressure, flight, problems encountered, pilot decisions, accident, etc. This information should be quoted from the book "Into the Abyss" with page number(s). Section 2: Analysis (Yes, Analysis!!) of the problem that led to the crash. What went wrong/ what did the pilot do wrong/what was the primary cause of the crash etc. Section 3: State specifically (3 things…) the pilot could have done differently to change the outcome of the flight. Why? Section 4: Summary of main points. More information for ease of understanding: 1. You must read and understand the book fully. 2. Section 1: Summarize the entire story. Cite each paragraph with page #. This will take 2-3 pages. 3. Whenever you state a fact, it needs to be cited from the book (Into the Abyss). 4. Sections 2 and 3: Analyze the story and make inferences. Here you can use other references to prove you point. Since you are not the expert, you must prove your point with references. This will take 1-2 pages. 5. Section 4: Write conclusion. What happened, what went wrong, what could the pilot have done change the outcome or prevent the accident. 1 full page. 6. Write 5 full pages. References not part of the body. Remember, the summary of the story and factual statements of what happened must be cited from the book with page number(s). That is each paragraph must be cited with page number(s). Analysis and inference can be cited using other references. The paper is both a summary of the accident and an analysis of the same.

use the book 'Aircraft Safety- Accident Investigations, Analyses and Applications' by Shari Stamford Krause, Ph.D.,