Complete this week’s assignments before participating in the discussion by making sure that you study the Lessons 2 and 13 readings as well as complete the assigned labs.  Then research recently reported (within the last 12 months) breaches and select one to study in more detail. Do extensive research on your chosen breach using any of the university library resources, Google search engine, YouTube for external resources such as videos, peer review articles, white papers, trade magazines, online documentation, and others.  

Now answer the following questions based on your knowledge and findings from your research:  

· In your opinion, what was the breach about, and what is your account of the number of victims involved?   

· When there is a security breach regardless of the attack vectors, regulatory agencies such as e Federal Trade Commission (FTC) impose severe penalties on affected organizations that fail to properly protect consumer data. In some cases, reputation and credibility are also impacted. With your understanding of some of these consequences of a single breach, could the breach have been avoided and why?  

Be prepared to comment on at least two original or follow-up posts from your classmates (or professor) by justifying your responses using practical examples and reasoning. You may also ask questions and provide your point of view with rationale.  Finally, where possible, ensure that references and citations are used to support your analysis or contribution.