Building Relationships Instructional Video

 Before recording, create a 500-750 word script for your video including the following:

  • The importance of instructional coaches building relationships with adult learners.
  • Two approaches the instructional coach can use to build trusting relationships with classroom teachers.
  • Two strategies for communicating effective, descriptive feedback to adult learners (specifically, the classroom teacher).

Provide 2-3 scholarly resources to support your findings

APA Format Template attached

 Answer to questions:-Building relationships with adult learners, such as classroom teachers, is crucial for instructional coaches. This fosters trust, collaboration, and a conducive environment for professional growth.Two approaches for instructional coaches to build trusting relationships with classroom teachers include:Active Listening: Demonstrating genuine interest in teachers’ concerns, ideas, and experiences builds trust. By actively listening and empathizing, coaches can establish rapport and create a safe space for open dialogue and discussion. Collaborative Goal Setting: Engaging teachers in setting goals for professional development encourages ownership in the coaching process. This approach emphasizes partnership and respect.Two strategies for communicating effective, descriptive feedback to adult learners, specifically classroom teachers, are:Specific and Timely Feedback: Providing clear, specific feedback promptly after observing classroom practices allows teachers to reflect and make immediate improvements. Focusing on specific behaviors or actions rather than generalizations enhances the relevance and impact of feedback.Strengths-Based Feedback: Highlighting teachers’ strengths and successes alongside areas for improvement maintains a positive and constructive tone. Acknowledging achievements encourages motivation and reinforces effective teaching practices.