Building Vocabulary

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ASSIGNMENT 1: Building Vocabulary

As you read the novel, it is important to stop and look up any unfamiliar words you encounter. Building vocabulary is a reading strategy that helps you understand the text and will help you with future reading. In this assignment you will take a closer look at some of the words used in the novel.


  1. Read the sentence from the novel that contains the vocabulary word.
  2. Read the definition of the vocabulary word.
  3. Read the question that follows the definition. Then answer that question in a complete sentence using the vocabulary word.

Note: You may use a dictionary to complete this assignment.

Follow this link to an online dictionary: or search for any other online dictionary.


  1. I havent had a seizure in seven years, but the doctors tell me that I am susceptible to seizure activity. (p. 3)

Definition of susceptible: likely to be stricken with or by.

Question: What kind of behavior would make you susceptible to catching the flu?

  1. And let me tell you, that old, old, old, decrepit geometry book hit my heart with the force of a nuclear bomb. (p. 31)

Definition of decrepit: broken down, fallen into ruin

Question: How would you feel if you had to attend an old, decrepit school?

  1. I couldnt sleep that night because I kept thinking about my impending doom. (p. 70)

Definition of impending: hanging over ones head, hovering in a threatening way.

Question: What strategies do you use to tackle your impending homework?

  1. We should have all been delirious that shed moved out of the basement. (p. 91)

Definition of delirious: wildly excited

Question: What kind of music makes you delirious?

  1. Can an indian have a legacy in a white town? (p. 182)

Definition of legacy: an inheritance, something passed down from one generation to the next.

Question: What is the legacy of Viola Desmond?

  1. VULNERABLE! She told me that I was vulnerable. (p. 203)

Definition of vulnerable: open to attack or being hurt.

Question: What kind of situation could make a teenager feel vulnerable?

  1. I wept because I was the only one who was brave and crazy enough to leave the rez. I was the only one with enough arrogance. (p. 217)

Definition of arrogance: an attitude of superiority.

Question: With respect to the quotation provided, explain how arrogance can sometimes be a good thing.

  1. I kept expecting one of them to snap and send me plummeting to my death. (p. 225)

Definition of plummeting: falling.

Question: What might cause your grades in school to start plummeting?

9. Yep, I was scintillating. The sports guy stopped the interview. (P. 183)

Definition: witty, brilliantly clever

Question: From your own experience, provide an example of a person speaking in a scintillating manner.