Current-State Matrix

INFLUENCE Negative Support/High Influence(Commit) Positive Support/High Influence(Leverage)
Negative Support/Moderate Influence(Invest) Positive Support/Moderate Influence(Plan)
Negative Support/Low Influence(Marginalize) Positive Support/Low Influence(Maintain)

Stakeholder Template

Name of Stakeholder Description of Stakeholder Role of Stakholder Level of Knowledge in Program Available Resources, Information, Influence, Money, Staff, Technology, etc. Level of Interest Level of Support Level of Influence Action Plan for Stakeholder Engagement Level of interest Level of Support Level of Influence
Example: Call Center Manager Leader of the Call Center in Phoenix Project Sponsor High level of knowledge Funding of project and internal resources from call center High Positive High Maintain regular communication with stakeholder on progress and updates. Low Negative Low
Moderate Positive Moderate
High High