1.7 Application AssignmentBusiness Research

If you haven't already, select a business to use for your course project from the    page. After you choose a business to use, do some research on this business. As you work on the assignment below, you should use at least two resources. One will be the corporate website for the business.

Logo, company name  Description automatically generated


For this week, you will be researching and learning more about the company you have chosen. Your paper should be a minimum of 2 pages not including a cover page and resource page.  You should also use at least one credible source. Your report should cover the following points.

· Introduction

· Provide an overview of the business you selected.

· Industry: Retail, Hospitality/Food Service, Banking/Finance, Health, Etc. (Knowledge/Area of expertise)

· Company Valuation: (Capital)

· Number of Employees (Labor)

· Headquarters location (Land)

· Founder/CEO/Leadership (Entrepreneurship)

· Explain why you selected this business.

· History

· Provide a brief history of this business.

· Products

· Identify and describe the main products (goods and/or services).

· Social Responsibility

· Describe the company’s social responsibility plan.

· According to Investopedia, social responsibility means companies have a duty to act in the best interests of the environment and society as a whole, including employees. Examples include reducing the company’s carbon footprint, donating money to a social cause, or offering top-level benefits to employees.