BUS 225

4-2 Discussion: Developing Visualizationsfor Your Story

Key building blocks of good decision making include the ability to visualize, analyze, andverbally communicate ideas effectively. Large volumes of data can be particularly complex tounderstand and present. However, if data is visually presented through a combination ofmeaningful charts, text, and a verbal narrative, the intended audience can better engage in thediscussion of the facts, patterns, and findings that must be acknowledged before moving to thedecision-making stage.

In this discussion, you will take on the role of a new restaurant owner who is checking on salessince the opening of your establishment in January. You have just downloaded the followingsales data from your financial software: Module Four Discussion Sales Data Spreadsheet . Itincludes sales by food item for each month you have been in business. You would like to createvisualizations that illustrate which items are selling well and how the business is doing month bymonth.

In your initial post, make sure to include the visualizations you created and address thefollowing:

● What have you been able to identify through the visual representation of the data?● What kind of graphic have you selected and why?● How would this visualization need to be changed based on your audience?● Write a post of 2 to 3 paragraphs.