BUS409 Week1 Discussion Compensation Challenges

Part 1

Week1 Discussion Compensation Challenges

Respond to the following:

  • Introduce yourself to your peers by sharing something unique about your background. Explain how you expect this course will help you move forward in your current or future career.
  • Based on what you read in chapter 1 of your textbook and your own personal experience: (See the PowerPoint attachment)
    • What are some of the top compensation-related challenges today’s companies are facing?
      • Be sure to provide your rationale for including these challenges as opposed to others.

Part 2

Respond to classmates post (Brittany W.)

My name is Brittany Wright, and I am currently pursuing my bachelors in human resources. Something unique about my current role as an Administrative Specialist is that my role serves as the backbone that supports and coordinates various assignments to ensure smooth operations and strategic alignment. A versatile skill set that combines leadership, problem-solving, communication, and the ability to work independently should be possessed.

I expect this course will help me move forward in my current role by building trust. Trust is the foundation of effective leadership and organizational relationships.

Competitive Compensation Packages should be offered in order to attract and retain top talent. There needs to be a balance between benefits and salaries while managing costs effectively.

Pay should be fair and equitable in all compensation structures. With jobs evolving, compensation should be skill based and not title based.